My name is Tim Hill

Me!Hello I’m Tim, a keen photographer from Yorkshire, England.

I really enjoy taking, post processing and sharing my images for the world to see. I make many new friends through photography.

My first dSLR camera was a much used entry level Nikon D3200. I now use and love the Nikon D7100.

On this website you will find:

1) Photographs I have taken from day one of owning a DSLR camera to the present day.

2) Video streams of photography tutorials and photo processing/retouching tutorials that helped me.

3) New Camera reviews and previews.

Please comment on anything and everything. I very genuinely appreciate any interaction on the site, interaction makes the site more ‘human’ and could help others.

Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.

Imogen Cunningham

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  1. Christian Deut

    Hello Tim, It’s my first visit on your website, and I am really happy to discover it. So many beautiful photos through these pages! This is amazing, I mean it!
    I have been meeting you with a lot of pleasure on G+ since a couple of weeks, now, and it is a new pleasure to discover this other face of your great work.
    Congratulations! Please don’t ever stop photographing!
    See you soon Trough The Lens… @+
    Kind regards

    • Tim

      Hey Christian – très heureux que vous ayez trouvé votre chemin ici et je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre merveilleux commentaire !!

      Je aime beaucoup voir votre grand ouvrage sur G + également . Ce est merveilleux d’avoir des amis comme vous chrétiennes à travers l’objectif et maintenant ici .

      Merci de faire ma journée !!


      Hey Christian – very glad you found your way here and thank you so much for your wonderful comment!!

      I very much enjoy seeing your great work on G+ also. It is wonderful to have friends like you Christian on Through The Lens and now here.

      Thank you for making my Day!!

      Kind regards

  2. joaquin Ruiz Arteaga

    Tim, congratulations. You do everything well. Extraordinary photography , exceptional website and design graphics, excellent comunications skills and well selected external content. Hi man I’m envying your talent tight now.

    Cheers from Madrid

  3. Enrico

    what else to say that has not already been said? fantastic images that are an inspiration to many people, including me obviously, a site full of interesting contents … Great job Tim!

  4. Claude Cousyn

    Hello Tim !
    Bravo mon ami pour votre site. Il est clair, esthétique, bien construit et professionnel (c’est le graphiste qui parle).

    WordPress c’est un excellent choix car une fois les fonctions de base maîtrisées (et je constate Tim que vous avez bien tiré parti de toutes les ressources du thème) il est facile d’utilisation pour se faire une petite place sur le web. C’est un très bon début Tim pour exposer vos photos sur le web et je profite de ce post pour vous souhaiter une belle année 2015, créative et pleine de découvertes photographiques.

    Amicalement, Claude.

    Congratulations my friend for your site. Clearly , aesthetic, well built and professional (the graphic speaking).

    WordPress is an excellent choice because once mastered the basic functions ( Tim and I see that you have taken advantage of all the theme of resources) it is easy to use for a small place on the web. This is a very good start for Tim expose your photos on the web and I take this post to wish you a great year 2015, creative and full of photographic discoveries.

    Sincerely , Claude.

    • Tim

      Hi Claude

      Another lovely and very kind comment to start off my new website is style.

      Thank you so much for you kind words and I too hope that you and your family have a wonderful 2015 my friend!

      Kind regards

      Salut Claude

      Un autre commentaire charmant et très gentil pour commencer mon nouveau site web est le style.

      Merci beaucoup pour vous des mots aimables et je espère que trop vous et votre famille avez un merveilleux 2015 mon ami !


  5. Elaine Williams

    Hi Tim. You know I will have already seen many of your lovely photos, but this site is amazing. The ‘gold’ photos are fantastic. Love the one taken long ways on, of a river or lake with the overhanging branches. The b & w one of the cenotaph at Newmiller Dam looks amazing. You are a truly professional guy. So pleased I found your site and that you decided to share it. Best wishes Elaine.

  6. Dean Cotter

    Evening Tim, I’ve seen your work on g+ and thought I’d check out your website. It’s looks very professional. Great layout and backed up with top photos.As a matter of interest did you set it up yourself, if so how much did it cost. Just thought I’d ask as I’m looking to set up my own. I look forward to seeing more of your work on g+.
    Thanks, Dean

    • Tim

      Hi Dean, thank you so much for very kind comments! Comments like this make the work and cost worthwhile 😉

      I did set the website up myself. I hire fast servers that this website is housed on for around £11 a month. I then did a basic install of WordPress which is free as I am sure you know, then installed the Border theme to WordPress which can be purchased here – for $58. Then comes the harder but most enjoyable part, which is creating the look and feel of the site and adding the content.

      I hope that answers some of your questions my friend.

      Kind regards

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