Best Digital Photo Printing? PT.2 by Mike Browne

Love the way Mike Browne has a talent for explaining things in an interesting and easy to follow way. This time Mike explains about digital photo printing, processing and where to send you pictures for the best results and value for money.

Since watching this video for the first time I have used ProAm Imaging from Yorkshire and have always been over the moon with the results and the prices!

All credits to Mike Browne for this superb video. To see more from Mr Browne be sure to head over to

In part 1 of our quest to find the best place for digital photo printing I took an image, prepared it for printing in Photoshop and sent it to the two professional photo printers I use and two high street labs to see which was best.

In Best Digital Photo Printing PT.2 The prints are back and it’s time to see which is best. And I was surprised by the results.

When you compare prints with your monitor make sure the monitor’s calibrated and that you’re looking at the print in daylight – NOT under ordinary household bulbs which are yellow. If you’re looking at a print and the light source has a colour cast it will do the same to the prints and a comparison becomes invalid.

Mike Browne

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