Lens Cleaning Mike Browne

Care for your Camera Kit by Mike Browne

A no-nonsense approach to photography by Mike Browne EXCELLENT!!!

Cringe as Mike uses a fork on the lens especially when he rubs it with a paper towel afterwards!

How to care for your camera kit? How to clean a lens without damaging it? How often is it safe to clean a lens? What cleaning kit is best? These are questions I’m often asked

Cameras and lenses are much more rugged than most people think so in all honesty I don’t fuss much with my cameras. Lenses need to be kept clean so photos are bright and sharp, but they won’t be damaged by cleaning, or rougher treatment as I’ll demonstrate.

Cameras are not fragile. Of course you shouldn’t throw then around or rub a lens with sand. But some photographers are so nervous about damaging their camera and lenses they are almost scared to take them out and use them…

Mike Browne

Thank you for another great video Mike Browne!

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