Enjoying my New Camera


Nostell Priory 2013I must admit to being a bit phased by my new camera (Nikon D3200 + 18-55 f3.5 Lens) when I first took it out into the Yorkshire countryside.

Before buying the camera I had watched hours of tutorials on YouTube, from setting up the D3200 menus to basic DSLR photography and all that entails – Aperture, ISO, shutter speeds, bla bla… Anyone who has ever picked up an SLR camera knows what I mean.

From being intimidated by the camera, I have very quickly come to a point where my photography has not got noticeably better, but most of the camera settings are starting to make sense. If I change one thing then I need to change others to compensate – Aperture to shutter speeds for example, I could go on but I have had a few pints of that yellow alcoholic stuff made from apples so I will post more about what I have learned and how much I am enjoying my DSLR later. Make sure you book a holiday so you are not in the country at the time. 😉

The most important things I have learned, and I think there is to learn – get out there – take loads of pictures and enjoy yourself.

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