How to get Professional Photos with a Kit Lens: “Nikon D5500” by Jared Polin

Nikon D5500 and Kit Lens Tutorial

The Challenge – Use the Nikon D5500 and Kit 18-140 lens for a “Real World Review” and “5 Min Portrait”. The catch, Jared has never used this camera or lens before.

Being that Jared had never used this camera before he had to get in the mindset that he can only use the Nikon D5500 and the 18-140 F3.5 to F5.6 kit lens. There is a misconception that you can only get great results with better glass. There is also a misconception that I can only get good photos with the most expensive gear in the world.

Once you watch this video and see the results that will never be a question or concern again.

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