How To Get Started With Photoshop CC by Serge Ramelli

Serge Ramelli photoshop tutorial beginners

In this episode the brilliant Serge Ramelli shows you how to get started with Photoshop. When I started using Photoshop, I would have loved to get these 10 things beginners want to know how to do in Photoshop!

Here are the 10 things to get started with Photoshop:

01:35 How to remove Blemishes

07:03 How to use Layers and Masks

11:13 How to use the new Liquify face detection

14:23 How to use a filter for making an oil painting of a photo

16:05 How to remove or move elements in a photo

20:27 How to change the sky

27:08 How to make a composite

27:25 How to work with smart objects

28:41 How to make a precise selection

37:17 How to add text on an image

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