A selection of photos I have taken recently.

If you like any of my pictures – please kindly hover your mouse cursor over the (likes) love heart below.

I very much appreciate any likes or comments received. 😉

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

Bruno Barbey

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  1. Irina

    Hi, Tim. I’ve just followed the link to your site from G+ It’s a real pleasure to visite your wonderful site. It can be an inspiration for those who want to set up their own sites. Thank you for sharing your amazing photographs. Kind regards!

  2. Bob Ondrick

    Hi Tim,

    This is Bob (Ondrick) from GMail + I just followed your link to this site; I hope that it is ok with you? I am not only a fellow photographer, but I design and build web-sites and am a graphic designer as well. I’m now curious, if you did/designed & created this website yourself, or if you had it done by someone? Either way, it’s very nice…just like your photography!

    Personally, I don’t think (actually know/am aware) that my professional skills, as a photographer, are “nothing” compared to yours! I do hope that by studying you and your (exclusive) technique, that I can learn and develop (no pun intended) into a much more skilled photographer. It is not only a dream and passion, but something that I intend on doing, for myself, one day.

    I currently reside here in Las Vegas, NV (USA). This town has so much to offer and the amount of advertising here is incredible. If I can’t make a go/something out of my skills here, then I won’t be able to do so elsewhere. Trust me though, I will defiantly make it! I have always not only met, but exceeded all of my intentions/expectations in life. But, wish me luck anyway!

    I used to work in the construction industry in Chicago, IL (USA) for well over 25 years. Unfortunately, I was injured/got hurt and had to change paths in life. That’s when I went back to school and learned all that I know today…(well, maybe it wasn’t so “unfortunate”…maybe it was a “blessing”…as I was given a chance to pursue my dreams. ).

    Well, my friend, I am going to close this letter to you now. Again, I hope that you didn’t mind my showing up here without being invited by you personally and also, that you don’t mind my taking note of your “personal” technique and skill that you put into each and every piece of art that you put out there?


    • Tim

      Hi Bob

      Firstly, thank you for being so complementary about my photography. I am very flatted that you like my work. I must point out that I am very much an amateur photographer with a lot to learn both with my photography and post processing.

      I did set the website up myself. I hire fast servers that this website is housed on for around £11 a month. I then did a basic install of WordPress which is free as I am sure you know, then installed the LENS theme to WordPress. Then came the harder but most enjoyable part, which is creating the look and feel of the site and adding logos and content.

      Best of luck in pursuing you new chosen career, you certainly have the drive and determination, the rest is just practice, making contacts and an element of luck I would imagine.

      Thank you once again for the very flattering comment Bob

      Kind regards

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