Mixing Exposures – LONG & SHORT EXPOSURE + Photoshop Tutorial by Gary Gough

In this excellent video, Gary Gough shows you in easy to follow steps how to swap skies in Photoshop (long & short exposures).

Mixing Exposures – LONG & SHORT EXPOSURE + Photoshop Tutorial. In this video, I show you how I replace blurry skies with sharp skies. This video will not be to everyone’s taste but I have been asked by quite a few supporters of the channel to create a tutorial on how I swap my skies. I shoot lots of Landscapes and Seascapes. Nearly every time I photograph water I tend to shoot with a long shutter speed to smooth out the water. Whilst I love the effect of a 2 or 3-minute exposure on the sky, I’m not always a fan of the blurry sky that accompanies it. If I shoot Landscapes with the intention of creating a Fine Art or Minimalistic picture, I tend to leave the blurry sky in. I usually swap the sky though for my normal long-exposure water shots. I know everyone isn’t a fan of this technique but I am! I hope you like the tutorial and feel free to comment. It’s always great to get feedback, good or great 🙂 – Gary Gough

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