My 10 Rules for Epic Landscapes Photography by Serge Ramelli

Go to a beautiful place.

That seems simple but it is the base for a nice landscape photo

Find the Right Composition during the day.
you can see better during the day and it easier to find the right framings

Balance the Right foreground element
This is probably the most important point for me in composition, finding the right foreground not too small not too big that helps communicate a strong story and give a sense of depths and from where to look

Follow the Leading lines
Again this helps direct the eyes and to give depth and interest to a photo

Avoid High Frequency textures.
probably the most frequent error I see, lots of sands and rocks that are confusing to see

Shoot Manual
it is a great way to be sure your exposure is right on, and you can easily synch a retouch from one photo to the next in Lightroom that way

Use a tripod with a self timer
Make sure you are at 100 iso and your photo is sharp

Manual focus on the Middle Ground
At night the focusing can be off by focusing on the main subject manually and zooming in with you lens to be sure you are sharp is super important.

Play with Long exposure
When you have Clouds and water long exposure is a cool effect. I recommend .5 second for waves.

Slightly under expose your photo
The best way to get the best sky while still having enough light for your main subject

Here are my 10 rules for photographing Epic landscapes

– Serge Ramelli
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