New Lightroom 6 release date possibly 21st April?

Lightroom 6 April Release Date

Firstly – a pinch of salt should be taken when reading this article, I have got it wrong before and could be wrong again!

A Dutch store called Cameratools for a short time (before it was removed) was advertising Lightroom 6 for sale on the 21st April at a cost of 129 ($138 or £93).

This time lets see and hope this leaked date of 12st April comes true!! We can but hope!

Here is what we know about Lightroom 6 up to press:

As we all eagerly wait for the immanent release of Lightroom 6, here is a leaked video of the new HDR Merge Feature.

HDR Merging can now be done without leaving Lightroom 6, eliminating the need to switch to Photoshop for basic merging of bracketed images.

Here is what I expect to be in the new release:

Lightroom 6 will only be able to load on 64-bit operating systems and, according to past leaks, will offer a number of new features, including:

  • Face recognition without metadata tagging
  • Merge to HDR for combining multiple photos with different exposures into a single HDR image
  • Fusion panoramas for merging multiple files (including RAW files) to create panoramas in Lightroom
  • GPU acceleration for image editing
  • Sophisticated video slideshows that allow you to combine images, movies and music, along with adding Ken Burns effect to images
  • Optimized web galleries with HTML5 compatible galleries