Nikon D5500 Preview by Jared Polin

Nikon D3500 Preview by Jared Polin

In this video Jared Polin previews the all new Nikon D5500!

Nikon has announced the D5500 which is replacing the D5300 that was initially announced on October 17th 2013. The life cycle for these cameras keeps shrinking time and time again.

You may be asking yourself why didn’t they name it the D5400? From what I have been told is that the number 4 is considered bad luck in certain cultures. But what about the D4 and D4s, did someone think that wasn’t bad luck? I think it has to do with consumers and not pros. Pros know the number 4 in the camera probably won’t effect anything but consumers are a different animal.

So what sets the D5500 apart from the D5300? The answer is honestly not that much. It has the same size sensor at 24.2 but the difference is the D5500 does not have an OLPF. This means images should be sharper and more vibrant right out of the camera.

The ISO range is now 100-25,600 Natively. No longer will you find an H1 or H2 setting which were considered not recommended but they were there.

You still shoot at 5FPS and have 39 AF points with 9 of them being cross type.

One of the largest changes has to do with the LCD screen, it’s officially Nikon’s first touch screen. They are far from the first company to do so with Canon, Sony and a few others doing this for years. Is a touch screen a major deal when it comes to a DSLR, not exactly. But it can play a part during Video if you can touch where you want it to focus and the camera responds well. Time will tell if this touch screen is something that will find it’s way into other models.

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