Photo Composition Introduction by Mike Browne

In the few weeks I have had my DSLR camera, time after time I have taken pictures of interesting places, objects and pretty scenery only to get home, upload the pictures from my camera to the PC, look at them and be underwhelmed by the results.

I needed to know why others could take pictures of almost anything and they would look more interesting than my pictures by some way. Was the subject in question better? In most cases no. Was the colour and lighting of the picture better than mine? Well yeah maybe, but I still couldn’t put my finger on what it was, until I watched Mike Browne’s 17 video channel on composition.

In my case, as a DSLR beginner, I was trying (and very much enjoying) getting to grips with the camera settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO and hardly ever thinking of one of the most important aspects of photography – composition.

As you will see from photographs I have posted up to this site at the time of typing this, I would set up the camera then put the subject in the middle of the shot and snap… Wrong! How little did I know?

If like me you wish to compose better looking and more interesting photographs then please watch all 17 of Mike’s videos on composition.

I will end this post by pointing you to Mike Browne’s superb YouTube Channel and Website.