Photoshop Course For Beginners by Mike Borwne

Photoshop Tutorial Mike Browne

Hello all – before you watch this video please note; this is not actually a tutorial, but if you are beginner when it comes to Photoshop and interested in getting started processing your images using Photoshop then this tutorial course by Mike Browne is for you.

If you have watched other videos by Mike Browne then you will know he is one of the best at explaining things in a simple way that all can understand. I have posted this video as a thank you to Mike for all he has learned me over the past couple of years.

Best of luck with the course Mike 😉

Photoshop For Beginners – Top 10 Tools ( is a step by step Photoshop course which will take you from confusion, to managing your workflow, understanding and using the main editing tools and seeing results in your post production. Photoshop is a massive program and I will be your guide, helping you get set up and working with exposure, colour correction, dodging and burning, selection tools, Layers and more. By the end of the course you will be able to retouch images confidently using the tools in the course together to achieve what you want from your images.

Mike Browne

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