How To Use a Tripod by Mike Browne

I really don’t like the thought of lugging a tripod around along with my other kit when I am out and about taking photos, but there is no doubting the tripod is an essential bit of kit and my next purchase when funds permit.

You need a tripod! There’s often a bit of moaning and groaning when I tell people this, but I believe a tripod is the bit of photographic kit that’ll make the biggest impact on your photography. No more soft images through camera shake. You only need to set composition once, lock it in place and them concentrate on your settings.

BUT it MUST be a good sturdy one. A cheap lightweight wobbly tripod is a waste of money and you should just spend it down the pub instead. In Tripod 2 we’ll show you what to look for when you go shopping for one.

A sturdy tripod means clean sharp camera shake free images at any shutter speed.

Mike Browne
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