5 Essential Skills for Mastering Luminar by Jim Nix

In this video, Jim Nix takes you through his 5 essential skill for mastering Luminar 2018.

Did you know?? If you already have a copy of Luminar 2018 on your PC or Mac, all updates next year are free. Plus in early December this year the new and much awaited Librays module comes out for Luminar 2018 and is also free.

In this video, I delve into the 5 skills that are essential for gaining complete control over your images in Luminar. I cover filters, presets, masking and more! There’s a lot in here, and I link to a lot of my other videos for deeper instruction in these 5 skills, but I think you will find these tips helpful. Follow along and enjoy! – Jim Nix

If you would like to check out more videos on Aurora 2019 or Luminar 2018 check out Jim’s website and YouTube Channel.

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