Adding Drama to an Image in Luminar by Gary McIntyre

Adding drama to an image can help the look and feel of the entire scene, depending on what the scene is of course. AI Sky Replacement in Luminar is quick! and provides outstanding results in most cases. So when compositing an image and replacing a sky it’s the first port of call for me. In this video, I use an image of a place that I frequent looking for the perfect combination of light, sky and most importantly atmosphere and one day I’ll get it. But for now, I thought I would show you (if you are new to Luminar) how you can go about subtly adding drama to your images using the AI Sky Replacement and a new sky as an image layer. I go through the full edit and also discuss what to look for when selecting the new sky you are going to add and what considerations you should make with your choice. – Gary McIntyre

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