EASY family home photo shoot tips & settings by Gareth Danks

At the start of lockdown I did a video where I listed a few of the things I wanted to achieve during isolation. One of which was a family photo shoot including myself we’ve never actually done this and I thought what better time than the current situation to get together and attempt a head home family portrait. This week a list turned nine months so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get out all the lighting and photo gear for the shoot. A very easy home photo shoot set up though so you could very much give it a go in your own home.

Normally with this kind of shoot I would use a big soft box and flash at the front but for the shoot because I was going to be in the photographs are not behind the camera I needed to be able to allow the camera to take burst multiple images after the 2 second timer fired the shots.

It’s the first time I’ve attempted being in the Photo for a group shot like this and I’m very pleased with how the images came out hope you enjoy the video let me know if you have any tips or anything you would’ve done differently always interested in learning and sharing thanks for watching take care. – Gareth Danks

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