Finding compositions, CHALLENGE YOURSELF by Gary Gough

In this video entitled “Finding compositions, CHALLENGE YOURSELF!” I talk you through my thought process when revisiting old locations.

This is a how-to guide to finding alternative landscape photography locations.

Returning to previously photographed areas can be very challenging, especially if you managed to capture great images the first time around. It’s all too easy to put the camera down in the same place and retake similar pictures.

I’m not condemning revisiting old locations, far from it. I always encourage people to go back to the same place. There are two reasons for this, firstly, the images will never be the same and secondly, if you try your best to avoid retaking similar shots you’ll be forced to work hard. Working hard to find alternative compositions can only help you gain a better understanding of this cherished art, landscape photography.

It’s the same as visiting honeypot locations. I always tell people to shoot them but then look around for other compositions and make it your own! ~ Gary Gough

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