How To Use an ND Filter by Mike Browne

This excellent video taught me how to use an ND filter if it taught me then it will teach anyone! Well done Mike Browne…

ND Filters are all about holding back light to give you a slow shutter speed. And my favorite ND filter is the Lee Big Stopper – called Big Stopper because it stops loads of light entering the lens so you can really exploit movement blur. As with all things photography just buying a bit of kit won’t give you great images. You have to work out what will or won’t work as an image and then set everything up accordingly to make it happen. In this photography video I’m going out to look for the kind of photos that’ll work and will talk you through what i’m doing with the ND filter, camera setting and explain why. – Mike Browne

If you like this video please check out Mike Bowne’s excellent website and YouTube channel.

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