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One of the warmest days of 2021

Grassington is a beautiful village or small market town in Upper Wharfedale with stunning Yorkshire Dales scenery. In this gallery, you will find images of the River Wharfe near Linton Falls and Grassington village.

Photo Story

Was it worth getting up at 3:30am? Not at 3:31am it wasn't but after that yeah, of course, photographing in Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales on one of the stillest and warmest days of the year is not to be missed through lack of sleep. A really enjoyable 3 hours with golden sunlight, friendly locals, and a few keepers to take home, bliss!

As always getting up at 3:30 am was a short sit on the edge of the bed thinking ‘do you really want to do this Tim?’ As always the answer came back as yes, stand up, go to the bathroom and take it from there. Thirty minutes later the bag and tripod were in the car, shorts, t-shirt and walking boots on and a rather large helping of suntan cream (yuck) as I knew it was going to be a scorcher, one of the hottest days of the year, we all love 30 degrees when we’re not at work 🙂

The drive there was a dream, I was the only one more or less daft enough to be on the roads at that time on a Saturday morning, a dream that is until I got to the more picturesque and narrow twisty roads part of the route, the pigeons, crows, rooks, and rabbits were out in force and all determined to run or fly into the path of my car and make me nervous, I would hate the thought of killing any of them and hopefully and skilfully didn’t I believe!

I rolled into the car park at Grassington to beautiful sunshine and a pick of the parking spaces, there were a couple of camper vans and a few overnight cars belonging I am guessing to people staying in Grassington, quiet is good, I love quiet, all was good…

From the carpark

Within 10 meters of the bottom corner of the carpark you are walking between these wonderful dry stone walls, just to confirm you are in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

Grassington National Park Centre is based on the edge of the lovely town of Grassington .

Satnav: BD23 5LB

Parking there will cost:

  • £2.70 for up to two hours
  • £4.80 for over two hours (24 hours)

Walk to the bottom left of the car park signposted ‘Linton Falls’ and immediately you are walking between these dry stone walls amongst cows, meadows, and an old stone farm building towards the River Wharfe and Burnsall village over a wooden bridge on the far bank in the Wharfedale valley.

Linton Falls

From the Grassington village, through a dry stone wall path, past an old stone farm building, you arrive at a wooden footbridge over Linton Falls near Burnsall Village.

It’s mid-July and water levels of the River Wharfe were quite low, causing the falls themselves under the wooden footbridge to be fairly dry and unspectacular. Instead, I pleasurably focused my photography efforts from Linton Falls Hydro and weir back to the wooden bridge leading to Burnsall Village.

There was wall-to-wall early morning sunshine on what turned out to be one of the stillest and warmest days of the year with temperatures topping 30 degrees C. As a photographer near water this could only mean one thing, reflections!

Polarizer at the ready I paddled into the crystal clear water above Linton Falls Hydro and soon had a multi-shot panorama in the bag as the warm sunlight hit my face and small fish (fry) swam around my feet, bliss.

Play Video

Not my video: Full credit to A2B Productions on Youtube. I wanted to show Linton Falls proper with some actual water rushing through.

Tom Lee

Lee was a publican and sometime Blacksmith and his blacksmiths workshop or ‘smidy’ is marked today by a plaque in the village. Lee was originally acquitted of the murder but re-tried and hanged at York. His body was left suspended at Grass Wood in an iron gibbet until it decomposed and the bones fell to the ground. Not surprisingly, Lee’s ghost is said to roam Grass Wood to this day!

In April 1766, local blacksmith Tom Lee, who lived and worked in this building on Main Street, killed Dr Richard Petty. Petty and Lee had been to a cock fight at nearby Kettlewell, where Petty had won a considerable sum of money.

On the journey home, they stopped at several inns. Their journey continued as far as Grassington Woods and it is here that the doctor allegedly met his end.

Tom Lee was the prime suspect and was initially acquitted at York Assizes due to lack of evidence.

Two years later, a former servant came forward with sufficient evidence for Lee to be re-arrested. Tried again at York in July 1768, this time Lee was found guilty of the crime, and later hanged.

(Credit to for proving this story)

The Village

Grassington, the beautiful village in Upper Wharfedale. With its stunning scenery, history, great shops & friendly pubs.

Grassington, north of Skipton is in fact not a village but a small market town in the Yorkshire Dales National Park of northern England. Many including myself still call the former mining village a village and a rather pretty one at that.

Grassington is certainly a beautiful village in Upper Wharfedale’s stunning scenery, but it’s far more than that. Whether it’s the sense of history, or perhaps the great shops, the friendly pubs, or the welcoming locals, who knows? They all contribute to the magic of this place.

Home Time

After a really enjoyable 3 hours around Grassington and the River Wharfe the light was becoming harsh and things were getting hot hot hot, but lots of keepers, happy!

Believe it or not, 3 hours in a location is a long time for me unless I have a lot of walking to do when I get there, it’s a photography thing, once the light has passed it’s best it’s time to start thinking of the sometimes long drive home.

On arriving home, I love post-processing my images and turning raw data captured in-camera into a finished image, it’s like baking a cake to your liking using the raw ingredients, the end results, and the process of using software like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Luminar gives me great pleasure, I love to create, especially with a pint of beer at the side of the iMac.

Below are a few more images captured that morning, along with 2 images I processed into digital watercolours using Photoshop.

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