Landscape Photography Golden Hour Exposure Blending by D Griff

This is another landscape photography video in my occasional series, which I’m running during the lockdown. Because I live in an extremely remote rural location, with a good deal of open land literally on my doorstep, I do still have many opportunities to photograph my local landscape during lockdown within sight of my front door. Of course, I wouldn’t dream of making photographic trips away from my home, or in any context other than during daily exercise or within my own gardens and land.

In this video, as you would expect I’m pretty much at home, although down at the lake in front of my house for an evening shoot during golden hour. It’s an opportunity to share a couple of landscape photography techniques where I use multiple exposures to create a final composite image. And having captured a series of image files, I show you how I blend them and enhance them using curves adjustments, and various Lightroom filters. – D Griff

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