Luminar vs Lightroom with Gary McIntyre

A bit of a different video this time where I compare the editing capabilities of Luminar to Lightroom with a 22mb phone shot from the Samsungs20 Plus.

It was an accidental challenge as you’ll hear in the video but it was good to see how both softwares handled the jpg file.

Although both were quick edits as you will see, Luminar did produce the results a lot quicker due to the fact that some of the sliders have 2 or 3 editing roles in one slider.

Usually my mobile phone shots are edited using Snapseed but I would love to try a Luminar mobile App if it ever became a thing. I realise that not all the same options would be in the app as the desktop version but would be good to see how it worked.

There are many ways to create your images and its fun to try different things with your images.I hope the methods shown in this tutorial are useful to you in creating your own.

Its really worth exploring the software and seeing what it can do and as well as that letting your imagination run free 🙂 It’s good to think outside the box at times and just experiment with what you can do with your software.

The focus of the tutorial is not the final image but the process involved to get there.

Try the techniques for yourself and see what happens, if you like them use it in the future. But if not, well at least you have learned something that the software can do differently. All’s Good 🙂 – Gary McIntyre

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