MACH LOOP – The Official guide to Cad West – 1st TIME? WATCH THIS by Gary Gough

Mach Loop is definitely on my ‘to photograph’ list and soon I hope. Thanks for the excellent guide, Gary! 🙂

MACH LOOP The Official guide to Cad West – THIS IS CAD WEST! In this video, I show you where, when and what to expect at CAD WEST! Over the past 6 months, I have collated video and pictures from my many trips to the Mach Loop. I have created this film to offer a first-hand guide to the Cad West area of the Mach Loop. Cad West is definitely the easiest viewing area to find, park and walk to. It’s arguably the busiest part of the Loop too. Cad West has many areas to view aircraft from. From quite low down to pretty high up. Each area offering different perspectives but all areas are very rewarding (on busy days!) Cad West LOWER AREA – The lower you are on the mountain the closer you are to the aircraft. The lower you are though means you’ll be shooting slightly up at the aircraft. Cad West HIGHER AREA – The Higher you go on the mountain the further away you are from the aircraft. But going higher up means you’ll be mainly firing down on the aircraft. This is a very unique perspective. The higher up you go, the longer the lens required for that perfect shot! I recommend a 300-500mm lens from the top. The Mach Loop isn’t all to do with photography. As you can see in my video just seeing the military aircraft buzzing through the Loop is totally exhilaration. – Gary Gough

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