Photographing Assynt & The Grand Tour Guys, Clarkson, Hammond & May

In this video entitled Photographing Assynt & The Grand Tour Guys, Clarkson, Hammond & May, I embark on a mammoth road trip to Assynt and the Scottish Highlands.

This video outlays the first 2 days of our road trip. “Our” is referring to photographer Gary Beaumont and myself.

I won’t lie, the first couple of days were very testing for us. Simply because of the lighting and weather conditions. We both had cameras that failed at some point due to being continually damp. Thankfully the wind was quite calm which meant we could at least work under an umbrella. Trying to vlog whilst under an umbrella is a different matter though 😒

The Grand Tour – Whilst out and about scouting for locations we bumped into the old Top Gear Guys filming. Obviously, we hung around and watched for a good 30 minutes or so. The highlight of the 2 days was when Richard Hammond said to me he watches my Youtube videos… well, he didn’t quite say that. He actually asked if we were ok and did we want him to shift some cars around so we could get out of the car park. but in my head, I read that totally differently 😁😁 ~ Gary Gough

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