SIGMA 100-400 Sony E-Mount REVIEW by Jared Polin

This is a review of the SIGMA 100-400mm Lens designed from the ground up for Sony E Mount Mirrorless Cameras. Lenses like this are perfect for wildlife, outdoor sports, capturing kids and pretty much anything else you can think of where you need some extra zoom range.

What makes this lens unique is that it’s designed for mirrorless bodies. That means it’s smaller, lighter and designed to work specifically with Sony E Mount and the L Mount Alliance.

Since the zoo is closed, I borrowed a few kids to test this lens out. Being that I was using a Sony, I was able to utilize lock-on tracking and eye-of which makes photographing kids much easier. The lens focused fine, the OS worked well and the zoom range is extensive. I do expect a 150-600 one day, but that’s going to much heavier and larger than this 100-400mm lens. – Jared Polin

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