The NEW Fujifilm XT4 – What I don’t like about the camera

The new Fujifilm X-T4 was released recently. I was mega excited to hear that it had some of the basic improvements I’ve been hoping for over my current Fujifilm XT3 camera which I love and adore and use for my professional, landscape and street photography work.

However, knowing the new X-T4 had a flip screen I had pretty much written the camera off as I just don’t like using the flip screens for my photography work.

This, however, became a selling point as it meant the camera would be different functionally and ergonomically to my current camera line including the Fujifilm XT3 XH1 X100V and X-Pro2.

Having had the camera a day I thought I’d give my initial impressions on the new Fujifilm X T4 and discuss whether or not it’s an upgrade from the Fuji XT3 also what I LOVE and really dislike about the camera so far.

I hope this helps you with your decision to pick up a new camera. Please bear in mind even though it’s always great fun to have the latest and greatest and somewhat addictive haha. Consider whether or not you are being sold specifications you will never use. This is something I’m very guilty of myself and often fall for! – Gareth Danks

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