The POWER of PERSPECTIVE as a Photographer by Jared Polin

As a Photographer, the angles and perspectives you choose to photograph from can make the difference between telling the full story or not. I’ve said a million times I don’t like shooting music festivals from the pit. Every single photo will look like everyone else’s. No one will know there were 50,000 people behind you because the only photographs you have are the people on the stage. If you are able to change your perspective and be on stage to showcase the massive crowd, your image will stand out.

I know you may not always have the access or be able to get it, but changing your angle is so important. I wanted to make this video to show you how two images taken pretty much at the same time from different perspectives can tell two different stories. On top of that I wanted to use the classic photos of QUEEN at Live Aid to show you the power of the proper perspective. – Jared Polin

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