Winter Landscape Photography in the Snow by Gary Gough

In this video entitled, Winter Landscape Photography in the Snow, I capture a few images at 3 different locations.

Two days ago we in Yorkshire woke up to a fresh snowfall. The first snowfall of 2021 and the first decent snowfall for a few years.

Excitedly, I headed out to to a local woods to capture as many images as I could. It’s fair to say my local woods are characterless but to me, that just makes it more of a challenge.

The day went ok but not well enough for me so I headed out the following morning. The snow had cleared on the roads so I decided to drive as far as I walked the previous day. 35 minutes down the road I stumbled upon Underbank Reservoir. It’s located near Stocksbridge, South Yorkshire.

I managed to grab a few more shots before I then headed to a location just 10 minutes from my home to catch a sunset. ~ Gary Gough

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